Press Release

Intercontinental Announces Acceptance into NCREIF’s ODCE Index

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Boston, July 24, 2018 – Intercontinental is pleased to announce that as of Q2 2018, U.S. Real Estate Investment Fund (U.S. REIF) has been accepted into NCREIF’s (National Council of Real Estate Fiduciaries) ODCE Index. The ODCE has been the comparable index for U.S. REIF since its inception. “The NFI-ODCE, short for NCREIF Fund Index – Open End Diversified Core Equity, is the first of the NCREIF Fund Database products and is an index of investment returns reporting on both a historical and current basis the results of 36 open-end commingled funds pursuing a core investment strategy, some of which have performance histories dating back to the 1970s. The NFI-ODCE Index is capitalization-weighted and is reported gross of fees. Measurement is time-weighted. NCREIF will calculate the overall aggregated Index return.” (According to

It is important to note that there have been no changes to the Fund’s strategy. U.S. REIF will continue to be a balanced portfolio of yield-driven real estate and real estate–related assets that are broadly diversified by geography and property type. The objectives of the Fund are to preserve and protect investors’ capital, provide potential for capital appreciation, produce income on invested capital of approximately 5% gross per annum, and target total annual average returns of approximately 8-10% gross per annum.