Investment Process

01 Utilize Intercontinental's broad network of owner/seller, joint-venture operators and real estate brokerage contacts to identify properties that are being marketed for sale and importantly those "off-market" properties which are being offered without the use of a brokerage representation.

02 Acquisitions/portfolio management teams collectively determine whether a property fits the investment strategy of the Intercontinental Fund.

03 Intercontinental utilizes internal and external personnel ranging from asset management, development and research to engineers, architects and attorneys to conduct a complete physical, financial and legal review of the property opportunity.

04 Purchase and Sale Agreement is finalized and executed, providing the Buyer the appropriate time for due diligence.                                          

05 Once an acquisition with attractive risk-adjusted returns is identified, then an investment summary memorandum is organized to support Intercontinental's Investment Committee in determining appropriate next steps -- especially including preliminary pricing, pro-forma financial analysis, budgets, etc. for the potential acquisition.

06 Final Investment Committee summary package (with all due diligence findings including but not limited to structural, environmental, legal and financial analysis) is presented to the Investment Committee for approval with bottom-line pricing determined.

07 Seller is presented final pricing. Upon the Seller accepting final pricing, the property is acquired and transferred to Intercontinental's Asset Management Group (which has been heavily involved since the start of the due diligence process).

08 The appropriate asset management and construction management plan is formulated and implemented to attempt to maximize the asset's value.

09 After stabilizing and/or maximizing the asset's value, the Intercontinental's Asset Management and Portfolio Management groups regularly review and determine annual budgets, capital improvement plans, target exit pricing for harvest and/or hold-period to match the given property to the Intercontinental Fund's objectives.

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